Water Softeners

Our water softeners and water conditioner treatment systems feature only the FINEST, National Name Brand Components and accessories available on the market today. Virtually every component we offer on every piece of equipment we sell is made from the number one or number two component maker in the world. Usually we have BOTH top name brands available. Unlike other Premium brand companies we make them in easy to replace components. That means you should never need an expensive service call on our equipment.


Timer water softeners from Budget Water® regenerate (clean themselves) on an digital time clock. Usually either once or twice per week depending on the quality of water (water hardness level). Both standard and deluxe water conditioners are made with the highest quality, name brand valves and controls. Both water softener types are smart enough to only regenerate early in the morning (or whenever you tell them to). Our water treatment systems have been on the market since 1965. The utmost in softened, or conditioned water.

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